About us

We are a young married couple, Max's parents, room mates of our bullterrier Lola, and fashion lovers and enthusiasts, who love pretty and quality stuff that is different from those in each shop window or costs a fortune. We think there is not much of such products on our market, and therefore we'd like to contribute to a richer and more interesting choice for your as well as our joy. We are no fashion de-signers nor have we ever worked with fashion before, we are simply regular consumers missing some-thing we need and seek on the market.
That's how the SHPERKA brand was born. Our name, the way we see things, things we consider nice, timeless and high-class. Naturally, nothing would have happened without the right producers we have been conscientiously and successfully looking for. For example, our leather bags, wallets or card holders are handmade in the UK by master craftsmen, with years of experience and tradition dating back to the 19th century. On the other hand, our bowties and ties come from Slovakia, which we are very proud of.
We have personally tested each product we offer and we are sure it won't disappoint you either and will make you happy for ages :)
We would appreciate any comments and ideas from you, and we hope any of our products will meet your expectations.

For more information follow us on social media, where we regularly post interesting photos, hints and guides, and where we get inspired by our commenting followers :)


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